Laravel and Vue.js

Web Development Internship Program

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Important dates to remember

Time to the end of the application

What you will do:

  • Create API
  • Integrate page-buider with Shopify platform / integrate with other platforms 
  • A fast paced environment to solve bugs
  • Learning process which involves articles and tutorial videos and hands-on training by your Supervisor to upskill yourselves 
  • Spend time with creating UI


  • A full-time diploma/degree student in any course related to Information Technology, Information System or Computer Science will be a plus
  • Experienced in programming in Backend such as PHP and it’s framework Laravel
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • Good knowledge of JS and it’s framework Vue.js
  • Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3
  • A passion for applying technology towards solving real-world problems
  • Strong communication skills

Join our full-stack Internship program


If you excel in your internship, we shall consider you for a role within our Data Science and Engineering team. You could be placed in a more specialised position that suits your skills, working alongside like-minded colleagues who share a passion for backing up client decisions with solid data.

This internship is unpaid. However, would be worth to mention, that there are free soft-drinks, snacks and fruits available in the office.

Internship will start after third stage, when you will be interviewed.

The Internship will take place in our office space located in Azatutyan 24/16. 

As you are just starting your career in Web Development, we do not expect from you to have working experience. If, nevertheless, you have some experience, place your work history first (job title, company, time period and main responsibilities), brief descriptions of your projects with the technologies you used, relevant achievements.

After reviewing all the applications we will start the selection process consisting of 2 stages.
  1. Offline format task accomplishment
  2. Short Interview

At the end of an internship you will participate in an evaluation conducted by your supervisor.

Yes, you are welcome to apply again to any internship vacancy at Noble Scripts.

Your good mood and your notebook to be able to work at work place.