Data Science and Software

We work with people. And we love to listen and implement what people ask for.

Services We Provide

Data Science and Machine Learning

Noble Scripts helps clients use valuable business insights from data they have to better understand  audience, forecast demand, reduce risks, prevent cost overruns, have better productivity and so on. Currently we are working on a complex business process automation, which requires knowledge from multiple domains such as cable plant management, signal processing, network analysis etc. The objective of the project is to increase the accuracy of the anomaly detection, automate the selection of optimal sets from multiple parameter systems, reduce the number of manual decision making processes using assembly of both classical and modern state of the art machine learning techniques. Our Data Science engineers are capable of solving problems from different areas of the AI field including supervised and unsupervised algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision and many more. We will help our clients make their business decisions data driven, via statistical analysis, predictive modeling and advanced visualizations

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Software and Apps

  We are .NET and Python experts. We can develop from scratch or customize existing applications. We design apps that offer efficient solutions to your professional needs. 

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Who we are?

We are a team of 15 devs, designers, project managers and QA spcialists. We use for development Python and .Net.

Where we are located?

Our office is located in Yerevan, Armenia. But we always online and our experienced digital strategists and project managers will work with you to ensure that you receive adequate guidance on meeting your business objectives, that communication runs smoothly and openly between you and our team of developers, and that your web or software solution is produced securely and sustainably.